This 2014 video focuses on the importance of housing in Calgary and involves an actual CJHS tenant and landlord. The video highlights how CJHS helps clients transition from institutions and homelessness through
the Adult Housing Reintegration Program (AHRP) & Roofs for Youth Program.  

Both AHRP and the Roofs for Youth rely on positive working relationships with Calgary landlords. Both programs are funded through the Calgary Homeless Foundation.

On June 22, 2014, 15 Calgary John Howard Society staff members and supporters took part in the 2014 United Way Plane Pull. Our team succeeded in pulling a 181,000lb airplane in 22.22 seconds.
Thank you to everyone who participated, cheered and donated to this great cause supporting the United Way of Calgary and Area. Calgary John Howard Society raised $1,745.00, placing in the top 15 fundraising teams…. and had fun doing it!

It’s time to fix our broken bail system

According to a recently released study by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA), over half of those currently behind bars in Canada’s provinces have not been convicted or sentenced. These findings call into question Canada’s commitment to the presumption of innocence as thousands are needlessly detained prior to trials.

The John Howard Society of Canada is committed to strengthening the presumption of innocence as part of its five-point plan to improve Canada’s corrections system. As a result, we are joining the CCLA in recommending desperately needed fixes to the broken bail system. Specifically, the CCLA report recommendations include: improving the efficiency of the bail process; dropping sureties in the few jurisdictions requiring them; ensuring conditions on release are relevant, limited, and achievable; limiting custodial responses for breaches of conditions; and improving conditions of confinement in remand centres.
The John Howard Society of Canada is a national non-profit organization working to make Canada’s corrections system more effective, just, and humane.

To read more about our response to the report, visit

Read the report from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association

The Calgary John Howard Society is dedicated to reducing the incidence of crime and increasing community safety through preventative and restorative justice practices.

We provide: Direct services to individuals at risk, Advocacy for effective responses to crime and the individuals involved and Education for youth and adults in the community

We are grateful for the generous support from these and other organizations:

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