The Child and Youth Empowerment Strategy (CYES) is designed to address risk factors that may significantly increase youth crime. Truancy, low grades, strained family relationships, poor self-perception and negative peer pressure increase the likelihood of youth participating in activities that put themselves at risk of offending. The goal of CYES is to assist youth aged 12-17 to identify problem solving techniques which will help them address these various issues.

Any young person who needs assistance in understanding the impact of their negative choices can be referred to CYES. Program activities assist youth with developing positive awareness and self-perception, before their risky behaviors become habitual and long term.

Youth enrolled in CYES acquire skills in empathy, affirmation, communication, cooperation, conflict resolution, and problem solving. This can create positive, long lasting changes in their daily lives. Youth who have participated in CYES often say they realize that their futures hold greater potential once they have had an opportunity to explore the emotional, social, financial, and physical impact of their behaviours and attitudes.

Individual sessions may be offered depending on the range of issues. Sessions are held at the Calgary John Howard Society main office and the Calgary Youth Attendance Centre and last approximately one and a half hours. Other locations such as schools or supervised centres can also be arranged. Parents and/or significant individuals in the young person’s life may also participate in CYES sessions.

For more information please contact:
Ed Kubeczek, CYES Program Coordinator:
Direct 403-716-7300
Fax: 403-265-2458